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Cryptic Retail

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The most advanced proxy solution in the market
Cheapest Rate

Providing you with a range of the top proxy providers on the market at cost price.

No Expiry

All residential data plans have no expiration date allowing you to use them forever.

Lighting Fast Speed

Providing you with a range of the top proxy providers with the fastest speeds on the market for you to all utilise to increase your success rate.

99.9% Uptime

Our Proxies are always operating and rarely go down. If there any proxy maintenances occurring, we will let you know prior to a drop.

Online Dashboard

Purchase, Generate and renew all your proxies in one area. Our state-of-the-art proxy dashboard is up and running for you to use.

24/7 Support

We have trained our Support team to assist you with any proxy queries or errors you may receive inside of our discord. If you have any queries or problems, please open a ticket inside of our server and our support team will assist you.

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Start buying your favorite providers at their fair price
Oxylabs – $8.60/GB

Oxylabs is the world’s biggest proxy provider having over 100 million IPs offering a wide range of locations from the US, Europe, and Asia with the fastest speeds to help you hit those limited releases.

Smartproxy – $8.60/GB

Smartproxy is the world’s second biggest proxy provider having over 40 million IPs across the world with top speeds and working on almost all sites even with the top bot protection.

Brightdata – $6.8/GB

Brightdata has over 72 million IPs and is perfect for the price with it having fast speeds and able to pass through bot protection with a relatively low price per GB.

Geosurf – $4/GB

Is A Smaller Proxy Company With A Pool Of 3.7 Million IPs. A Very Good Provider To Use In Your Setups With Fast Speeds And Sees High Success On Some Of The Top Sites.

Packetstream – $1/GB

Packetstream is the cheapest proxy provider on the market which makes it perfect for running for long periods of time and sites with low bot protection and raffle botting.

Netnut – $5.10/GB

Offer Over 20 Million Residential IPs Across The World And Is A Perfect Provider To Utilise In Your Setups On Those High Bot Protection Sites.

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Cryptic Retail is a proxy company offering you a range of the proxy providers on the market at cost price with the purpose of helping you to reduce your monthly proxy cost when botting.

Cryptic Retail currently has a £10 monthly subscription fee to join and use our services and you can join the Cryptic team by clicking the Sign-Up button at the top of the webpage.

To give best user-experience using our service we have spent a long time investing and creating our dashboard where you able to purchase and generate all your proxies and renew all of your DCs and ISPs.

With your membership to Cryptic Retail you also get access to our discord server where we have our support team who have all been trained to deal with any queries you have regarding proxies and are able to advise you which proxy provider will suit your needs the best.